How to Apply the Brain Model of Chiropractic in Practice!

This is NOT just a CE class!  This is a chance to learn and mentor with two great minds so you can easily understand the Science, master the Application and own the Communication skills to build your DREAM practice!


Drs. Haavik and Buerger are teaming up once again for an INCREDIBLE on-line CE class- with a twist! In addition to TEN hours of CE credits, they will also offer their expertise and guidance in three additional LIVE sessions in a mentorship format to ensure your confidence and help you implement this incredible information into your everyday practice life!


What you will learn!

Creating Certainty: Chiropractic Neuroscience Made Easy (your keynote)

  • Brain Chatter : How the Chiropractic Adjustment Affects the Brain (your 2 hour recorded class)
  • The “Ins & Outs” of our Body: How the Brain Knows What is Going on in our Environment (our first session together about intero and exteroception and body schema)
  • All Stressed Out: The Foundations of Spinal Dysfunction and Subluxations (our second session on stress)
  • Prenatal Stress:  The Neurobiology of Dis-Ease (my 2 hour recorded class)
  • The Brain’s CEO: Undertanding the Prefrontal Cortex & the Chiropractic Connection (our third session PFC)
  • The Kiddos Need Help!: Chiropractic Care for Kids  (our fourth session)
  • Communicating Chiropractic for Success! (our fifth session) Chiropractic Neuroscience Made Easy


Live Mentoring Workshops! Just some of the things to look forward to……

Confidence in communicating the Science of Chiropractic is a learnt skill- the mentoring workshops will teach you skills to boost your confidence to enable you to build your dream practice!


Connecting the Dots- during the mentoring workshops, you will be given “take home” assignments for your practice to help you hone your skills in communication, evaluation procedures and implementation of practical management strategies!


Growth Expectations- how to grow your practice and set realistic expectations for success!


Hurdles- Drs. Haavik and Buerger will field your questions, frustrations and uncertainties and help get you on the track for SUCCESS!!


FREE marketing and implementation tools!

Because their goal is to help YOU be as SUCCESSFUL as they know you can, Drs. Haavik and Buerger will be giving each registranat FREE hand-outs, patient education tools, social media marketing/educational memes and more from their “private collectionsl”!!

How the Program Works

This six week program will kick off with a ONLINE-LIVE hour and a half workshop on March 4th with Drs. Havvik and Buerger.  Over the following six weeks, you will have access to sessions that are between one to two hours each for a total of ten on-line learning hours.  This INCREDIBLE information delivered in “bite size pieces” will help make the information useable and tangible. Two additional ONLINE LIVE workshops will take place over this six week mentoring program.


Dates of Live Worshops (these will be recorded for those that can not be live and/or for those that would like to relisten)

You will have access to all materials for re-listening and ongoing learning through April 30th!!


Thursday, March 4th: 8 PM EST US

Thursday, March 25th:  8 PM EST US

Thursday, April 8th:   8 PM EST US


CE Credits

This program has been applied for 10 hours of CE credits through Life-West for many States in the US (States will be listed soon). $50 TOTAL for 10 hours, NOT per course hour.


Class size:

This program will be limited to a small number in order to obtain the most optimum learning experience!


Mentorship Investment

$950 USD



    Each CE class is PACKED with information and is accessible from the comfort of a person's home with no travel expense or lost work time. The classes should be considered the same as though a person were taking it in person. In that case, EACH attendee is charged for the class and will only receive CE credits if they pay for the class and pay for the associated CE credits. With that said, we can only grant CE credits to attendees that have registered and paid for any class. We trust that each attendee uses the honor system and holds true to a code of ethics when purchasing each class.

Exciting News! 10 hours on-line CE CREDITS APPIED FOR!

Approved states:

Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming

PACE States: 

Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota

Applied for: 

California, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas

Life Chiropractic College West will be our Continuing Education Partner Contact Life West CE at or 510.780.4508 for information about continuing education:


** Each individual attending or viewing a class must pay for their own registration and CE fees. This includes married couples/partners and other doctors/students/office staff related.